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Milena promised to keep the house clean until I arrive but after 1 hour of shopping, I came back and found the house in a mess! How could she make this mess around? She's a naughty girl but I must find some certain objects until the school bus arrives! Help me find the objects shown at the bottom!
Motor Bike
Enjoy the rocky field motor race in the desert and race to the finish line without…
Summer Beach Clean Up
Summer tourists are about to arrive in the city and the first thing to do is to lean up…
Pickies Factory
You'll see the parts of the Picky bodies falling on the right. Click to pick them up and…
Toy Shop
Drag toy parts onto the work table and assemble the toy in the proper order.
Busy Housewife
Being a housewife can be tough sometimes. You need to work at the office, you need to work…