Gold Miner Special Edition Gold Miner Special Edition
Miner, Skill
Use your mouse to mine gold or other treasures out of the earth. Watch the claw's movements and click on the treasure on the right time to grab it. Surprise bags contain random amount of money, a strength power-up or a stick of dynamite. As you've got more money, you can buy new items for an easier work. Good luck!
Mickey is obsessed with farming. He doesn't want any apple fall down the tree. Use your…
Rich Mine
Set the throwing power and direction by moving the mouse away or towards the origin of the…
Golden Gate Drop
Working at the top of the bridge may get boring many times a day so why not have some fun…
As the God of love, you must collect all the love power-ups floating in the sky! Use your…
Gold Strike
Click on any group of bricks to clear them off before the pile of bricks gets closer.